How We Started

During our many years of working together in law enforcement we all developed the common goal of helping those in need by organizing events to help individuals and organizations within the community. The success of these events inspired us to join together and combine our efforts. In 2018, we formed Cops 4 A Cause and the results have been phenomenal. Helping others and giving without the expectation of receiving anything
in return is something we all share.

What's Our Mission

“Giving back to the communities where we live and work”, Cops 4 A Cause (C4C) is a 501 c (3) non-profit charity located in New York State comprised of a group of active and retired law enforcement members and supported by community members. The organization was founded in 2018 as an avenue to raise funds to give back to the communities where we live and work. As a result of our fundraising efforts, C4C is able to provide financial support to organizations, individuals and their families at times when they need it most. Through positive public interactions, our goal is to improve the relationship that currently exists between law enforcement members and members of the community and to ultimately build a foundation for the growth of a stronger safer community!


Meet the Board


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